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Last updated:
January 2018

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Lao bank ATMs have transaction fees of 20,000 kips ($2.50) per million.
ANZL charges 40,000 kips for up to 2 million kips ($250) per transaction, max 8 million per day. JDB max is 4 or 5 million for foreign cards. The Lao ATM network has an overall 8 million kips per day withdrawal limit.

   ANZ Laos Bank

ANZ Laos Vientiane (Main) Branch

VCB Building, Lane Xang Avenue (opposite Morning Market), Vientiane Capital

ANZ Asean Road Branch, Vientiane

157 Asean Road, Unit 11, Nongdouang Village, Sikhottabong District, Vientiane Capital

ATM - M-Point Mart

Thadeua Road, Simuang Village, Vientiane Capital

ATM - Khop Chai Deu Restaurant (near the fountain)

54 Setthathirat Road, Nam Phou, Vientiane Capital

ATM - Mekong River (on Hotel Inter corner)

Unit 77 Fa Ngum Road, Chanthabouly District, Vientiane Capital

ATM - Simuang Mini Mart (across the road split, near the Shell Station)

Samsenthai Road, Vientiane Capital Vientiane, Vientiane, Laos

Others have been commissioned in 2011/12 at various locations.


ANZ Pakse Branch, Champassak

13th South Road, Unit 15, Phonesavan Village, Champasack Provience, Pakse District Pakse, Pakse, Laos


BCEL Lao Bank ATM Locator   BCEL Bank

Since publishing the list below, BCEL has improved their web page for ATM locations throughout the country. Current BCEL ATM locator list.

Vientiane Capital

  • 1, Pangkham Road, (cnr Fa Ngam) in front of BCEL Headquarters

  • Phangoum Road, Beside BCEL Exchange Unit Service

  • Setthatirath Road, in front of KPL, near Kop Chai Deu Restaurant

  • Lane Xang Avenue, near Patuxai (Victory Monument) in front of Ministry of Agriculture

  • Khouvieng Road, Entrance of Morning Market Shopping Mall (Talat Sao)

  • 23 Singha Road, in front of the Ministry of Finance Building

  • Kaysone Road, Ban Phone Phanao in front of Nayoby Bank

  • Lao-Thai Friendship Road, Ban SokPraLuang in front of SaPhaViSa Institute

  • Khouvieng Road, Ban Sihom in front of V-Shop

  • Thadeua Road,14 KM, Ban Salakham in front of Lao Beer Company

  • Luangprabang Road,  in front of BCEL unit Sikhay market

  • Wattay International Airport, Arrivals

  • ASEAN Road, in front of Vientiane Capital branch of BCEL

  • Thatluang Road, beside That Luang, in front of M Point minimart

  • Dongpalane Road, in front of M Point

  • Lao-Thai Friendship Bridge

  • Dong Dok Road in front of BCEL Service Unit

  • Prince Minister near STAE building

  • In front of Settha Hospital, Road 4 

  • In front of Laos-Russia Friendship

  • In front of Mercure (former Novotel) Hotel

  • Center Party Organization KM 6


  • Luangphrabang Road In front of Sikhot High School

  • In front of Thangone Market 

 Vientiane Province

  • Kangmuong Road, Sengsavang Village In front of the BCEL Vangvieng Unit Service

Luangnamtha Province

  • Luangnamtha Road, Oudomsin Village In front of BCEL LuangnamTha Branch

Oudomxay Province

  • 13 Road, Nawannoy Village In front of BCEL Oudomxay Branch

Luang Prabang Province

  • Phouvao Road, Phonpheang Village In front of BCEL Luangprabang Branch

  • PhaLathSaVang Road, In front of XiengMouan Unit of BCEL

  • PhaLathSaVang Road,In front of LuangPraBang Branch of BOL

  • Luang Prabang International Airport

Khammouane Province

  • Vientiane Road, Chomngeun Village In front of BCEL Khammouane Branch

Savannaket Province

  • Latsavongseuk Road, Sounantha Village In front of BCEL Savanakheth Branch

  • Lao-Thai Bridge Friendship, Beside Arrival

  • 13 Road, District SayNo in front of SayNo Unit of BCEL

  • Makasavanh Road, In front of Factory paper book 2KM

  • 9 Road, In front of  Oudomvilay Village Post

Champassak Province

  • No 11 Road, Watluang Village In front of BCEL Champasak Branch 

  • 13 Road, Ban WatLuang, Opposite ChamPraSak Branch Of BCEL

  • 13 Road, Ban PhatThaNaSaPhanSay, Beside ThaHine MarKet

  • 13 Road , Beside Sport Stadium Km2, In front of Agriculture Promotion Bank

Xayabouly Province

  • Kheamkhong Road, Sisaathxomphou Village In front of BCEL Sayyabouly Branch

  • ShiMeaung Village, Xaiyabouly District , Sayyaboulu Province in front of Sayyabouly Unit 1 ATM 

Bokeo Province

  • Saykang Road, Huay Xai in front of BCEL Bokeo Branch

Xiengkhaung Province

  • Km 7 Road, Tern Village In front of BCEL Xiengkhaung Branch

Attapeu Province

  • Road No: 18B, Tanxoum Village, In front of Attapeu Branch

PAKSE: ANZ bank has ATMs at the branch.


   Joint Development Bank

  • Vientiane JDB has 20 or more ATMs in and around the city
    Click on the map to enlarge.

    JDB Laos ATM Locator

  • Luang Prabang Service Unit Phouvao Road, Ban Pongkham,
    Luang Prabang, Lao PDR. Tel. 856-71-260510-1
    Fax. 856-71-260518


   Phongsavanh Bank PSV

  • 30 or more ATMs around Vientiane Capital

  • 6 ATMs at Savannakhet Branch

  • 2 ATMs at Champassak Branch

  • 1 or more ATMs at Luang Prabang Branch

  • 1 or more ATMs at Huay Xai, Bokeo Branch


Banque Franco Lao (Bank), Vientiane, Laos   Banque Franco-Lao

  • Has Visa/Mastercard ATMs outside branches and possibly other locations in Vientiane. Head Office is on the corner of Lane Xang Ave and Dongpalane Road, past the Morning Market.